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How It Works

When a tattoo is applied, ink pigment is embedded in the dermis, the deepest layer of skin. Your body’s natural immune system detects the ink as a foreign substance and sends white cells to try and remove it. The reason tattoos are considered permanent is because the pigment particles are too big to be removed by the white cells – so they remain trapped in the dermis.

Laser tattoo removal speeds up the fading of a tattoo by emitting light energy into your skin and breaking the ink particles into tiny fragments (Picture 2). These tinier fragments are small enough to be eliminated by the body’s white cells and are flushed away by your body’s immune system.

Following your treatment, you will see your tattoo gradually fade and lighten. This is your immune system naturally flushing out the shattered ink particles. After a series of treatments, nothing but clear, flawless, ink-free skin will be seen in the spot where your once tattoo previously was. Laser tattoo removal is the only procedure that can penetrate deep enough into the skin to destroy ink without harming the surrounding dermal tissue.

At Elimitat, we offer complete removal and partial removal for those wanting to remove just a portion of their tattoo. We can also prepare you for a cover-up tattoo by lightening the existing tattoo ink. By fading your existing tattoo, you eliminate the chance of the old tattoo coming through the new one after a few months.  All Elimitat clients are provided free consultations and full tattoo assessments. We understand that tattoo removal is a big decision, so we will answer any questions you have about laser tattoo removal to make sure you feel as comfortable and familiar with the procedure before going forward

The Treatment Process

The treatment process is very short.  Depending on the size of the tattoo it can take anywhere from 90 seconds to 20 minutes.  Before the laser treatment actually begins, we'll treat your tattoo area with a cool compress to numb the skin as well as a topical numbing agent to try to relieve any discomfort that you may experience.  When the laser treatment itself begins, you will hear a rapid snapping sound as the laser emits the beam.  As the snapping occurs and the laser moves over your tattoo, the ink will become white on the surface of your skin.  This lasts for about ten minutes after the process is complete.  When the whole tattoo has been treated we will supply you with a Calm and Correct Serum by Dermamedics.  Use this cream during the after care period to ensure that your skin heals thoroughly and you get the best results.  

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